Like One Fish Out of Water


pōpō aniani

(poh-poh AH-nee-AH-nee) (n) Glass balls or floats found on Hawaiian beaches that usually originated from fishing nets in Asia.


English: How much for that little glass ball? It will look perfect on the patio!

Pidgin: Try look! Pōpō aniani! We go sell ’um to the tourists!


Note: ‘Ōlelo is a Hawaiian word meaning language, speech, word, etc.  To see the current list of Hawaiian and Pidgin words, definitions, and usage please click on

Pidgin Dictionary


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One Boy, No Water
Zader's living like a fish out of water.
One Shark, No Swim
Because even out of the water Zader's not safe.
Uncle Kahana and Ilima find Zader abandoned on the reef at Piko Point as a baby.