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When emigrants came to Hawai‘i they brought their food, their traditions, their languages—and their supernatural beings. Like the humans, the supernatural beings mixed and mingled with the locals and resulting stew is a ghost story hunter’s feast.

Obake Files by Glen Grant is a collection of his scholarly research into Hawai‘i’s supernatural world culled from first hand experiences, archives, and newspaper accounts over 25 years. The spine-tingling, chicken-skin tales are told in a matter of fact tone that makes them far scarier than any horror novel. You’ll find stories of fireballs, haunted houses and buildings, calling and choking ghosts, night marchers, ancestral bones, and modern encounters with Hawaiian gods and goddesses.

As any Hawaiian will tell you, there’s more to our world than meets the eye. Grant’s collection is reminiscent of the stories I heard—and the things I experienced—living in Hawai‘i. The encounters are broken into short entertaining segments perfect for on the go, got a minute reading.

Obake Files by Glen Grant is published by Mutual Publishing and available as a paperback directly from the publisher, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

2 Responses to Book Review: Obake Files
by Glen Grant

  • Talk about eerie! I just pulled this book out of one stack this morning to read again! I also took out McDougal’s Honolulu Mysteries, another of Glen Grant’s books, and started reading it.

    Have you had a chance to read Tom Peek’s Daughters of Fire?

    Happy 1st day of Spring, Lehua. Hope you enjoy your day!
    Here is the link to the local chapter of SinC, Inc. 🙂


    • Howzit, Gail! I just downloaded Daughters of Fire–thanks for the tip. I re-read some Pele stories this morning and still have chicken skin. I’ll read Daughters of Fire and post my review in a couple of weeks. Thanks also for the info about SinC, Inc. Being on the mainland, I can’t attend your local meetings, but would love to do something with you guys. Let me know if you’d like me to review ARCs or books or if there’s any other way I can help. Good to connect with you. Aloha no, Lehua

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