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LEHUA PARKER is the award-winning author of the MG/YA Pacific literature trilogy, The Niuhi Shark Saga: One Boy, No Water; One Shark, No Swim; and One Truth, No Lie and the companion series, Lauele Town Stories. Her publication credits range from short stories, poems, and novellas to essays, plays, and novels. A founding member of Fairy Tale Ink, her work also appears in Fractured Beauty, Fractured Slipper, and Fractured Sea.

Originally from Hawaii and a graduate of The Kamehameha Schools, Lehua is an author, book doctor, public speaker, and business consultant. Trained in literary criticism and an advocate of indigenous cultural narratives, she is a frequent presenter at literary conferences and symposiums.

Now living in exile far from her tropical home, during snowy winters she dreams about the beach.


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One Boy, No Water
Zader's living like a fish out of water.
One Shark, No Swim
Because even out of the water Zader's not safe.
One Truth, No Lie
Zader's greatest fear walks the shore.