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LEHUA PARKER writes speculative fiction for kids and adults that often explores the intersections of Hawaii’s past, present, and future. Her published works include the Niuhi Shark Saga trilogy, Lauele Universe Stories, Lauele Chicken Skin Stories, and Lauele Fractured Folktales, as well as plays, poetry, short stories, and essays. One Boy, No Water, Niuhi Shark Saga #1, was a 2017 Hawaii Children’s Choice Nene Award Nominee.

As an author, editor, and educator trained in literary criticism and advocate of indigenous cultural narratives, Lehua is a frequent presenter at conferences, symposiums, and schools. Her hands-on workshops and presentations for kids and adults are offered through the Lehua Writing Academy. She is currently the  Lit Coordinator for PEAU (Pasifika Enriching Arts of Utah).

Originally from Hawaii and a Kamehameha Schools graduate, Lehua now lives in exile in the high Rocky Mountains. During the snowy winters, she dreams of the beach.


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Niuhi Shark Saga Book Covers

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One Boy, No Water

eBook Cover

ISBN-13: 978-1535411875

ISBN-10: 1535411872


One Shark, No Swim

eBook Cover

ISBN-13: 978-1535413404

ISBN-10: 1535413409


One Truth, No Lie

eBook Cover

ISBN-13: 978-1535413558

ISBN-10: 1535413557


Lauele Fractured Folktales

 Pua’s Kiss Cover
Inspired by Little Mermaid
Rell’s Kiss Cover
Inspired by Cinderella
Nani’s Kiss Cover
Inspired by Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & the Beast


Lauele Chicken Skin Stories

Under The Bed 
Available Fall 2021

Lauele Universe Stories

Birth/Hanau Cover
Available Fall 2022


Fairy Tale Ink Novellas


Fractured Beauty cover high resolution

Fractured Beauty boxed set high resolution

Contains Nani’s Kiss, a Polynesians in Space novella

Fractured Slipper cover high resolution

Fractured Slipper boxed set high resolution

Contains Rell Goes Hawaiian, a Lauele Town Novella

Fractured Sea cover high resolution

Contains Pua’s Kiss, a Lauele Town Novella


Anthology Covers

True_Heroes_final apocalypse_utah Front Cover-Old Scratch
True Heroes ~ “The Mermaid’s Tale” Apocalypse Utah ~ “Maverick” Old Scratch & Owl Hoots ~ “Red”
it_came_from_the_great_salt_lake mystery_in_paradise_13_tales secrets__doors
It Came From the Great Salt Lake ~ “Voices” Mystery in Paradise: 13 Tales ~ “Tourists” Secrets & Doors ~ “Campfire”
Grifty Shades of Fey ~ “Gamble” They Walk Among Us ~ “Resister” Wasatch Witches ~ “Persona Non Grata”

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When you’re allergic to water,
growing up in Hawaii
isn’t always paradise.

With Niuhi sharks,
even out of the water,
you’re not safe.

Everything you thought you knew
about Zader is a  lie.