Talking Story

Selected Published Works


Year Title Publisher Awards
2012 One Boy, No Water

Niuhi Shark Saga Book 1

1st & 2nd Edition

Jolly Fish Press 2017 Nene Award Nominee

(Hawaii’s Children’s Choice Award)

2013 Gold Quill Award for Children’s Literature, LUW

2013 American Book Award Nominee

2013 Whitney Award Nominee

2013 One Shark, No Swim

Niuhi Shark Saga Book 2

1st Edition


Jolly Fish Press
2016 One Boy, No Water

Niuhi Shark Saga Book 1

3rd Edition


Makena Press
2016 One Shark, No Swim

Niuhi Shark Saga Book 2

2nd Edition

Makena Press
2016 One Truth, No Lie

Niuhi Shark Saga Book 3

1st Edition


Makena Press


Year Title Publisher Awards
2013 Birth: Zader’s Story


Makena Press
2017 Nani’s Kiss

Fairy Tale Ink presents Fractured Slipper


Tork Media

Short Stories

Year Title Publisher Awards
2011 “Sniff”


Wasatch Press 1st Place Short Story
2013 “Tourists”

Mystery in Paradise


Sisters in Crime Hawaii 3rd Place Speculative Fiction,  LUW
2014 “Red”

Old Scratch and Owl Hoots


Griffin Press
2015 “Campfire”

Secrets and Doors


Crimson Edge Press
2016 “Voices”

It Came from the Great Salt Lake


Griffin Press
2016 “Nightwalker”


Sick Pilgrim
2017 “Maverick’s”

Apocalypse: Utah

Griffin Press


Year Title Publisher Awards
2017 “The Champion” Immortal Works


Year Title Publisher Awards
2015 “Gilding the Lily”


Mormon Lit Blitz Mormon Lit Blitz Top Ten Finalist
2016 “Lighthouses”


LDSPPA Full Scholarship
2017 “Disney’s Moana, Mono-myths, and Cultural Appropriation”


Association for Mormon Letters Featured Guest Article
2017 “Genesis”


Hawaii Librarians Association Newsletter Featured Guest Article
2017 “Hawaiian on the Inside”


The New Engagement Featured Article
2017 “Cream Kickers” Superstars Writing Seminars Full Scholarship


Year Title Publisher Awards
2013 Growing up Hawaiian: A Collection Makena Press 3rd Place Haiku, LUW


Year Title Publisher Awards
2014 Red Makena Press


Year Title Publisher Work
2018 Untitled Fractured Slipper Novella Tork Media Novella
2018 “Nana‘ue”

Untitled World Mythology Anthology

Immortal Works Short Story

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When you’re allergic to water,
growing up in Hawaii
isn’t always paradise.

With Niuhi sharks,
even out of the water,
you’re not safe.

Everything you thought you knew
about Zader is a  lie.