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In addition to fiction, Lehua writes non-fiction and creative non-fiction articles on many different subjects.  Some of them are available on this website. They are generally organized by searchable categories.

  • Blog Tours, Guest Posts, & Interviews: articles by other authors and Lehua’s interviews of authors. These are usually part of a blog tour for a book.
  • Book Reviews: Thoughts on books, often featuring books written by Hawaiian authors. Most books are about Hawaiian history or island culture or feature characters, setting, or plots from Hawaii.
  • Character Haiku: Character Haikus are short poems written from the perspective of a character that reveals more about motivation and plot.
  • Island Style: generally non-fiction articles that feature an island perspective or cover topics such as Hawaiian history, local culture, traditions, and growing up in Hawaii.
  • Learning ‘Ōlelo: definitions and examples of commonly used Pidgin and Hawaiian words. More listed under Pidgin Dictionary.
  • Mainland Living: generally non-fiction articles about living in rural Utah and everyday life.
  • The Business of Writing: non-fiction articles that deal with publishing, writing craft, and marketing.
  • The Niuhi Shark Saga: excerpts and non-fiction articles that relate to topics in the series.

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When you’re allergic to water,
growing up in Hawaii
isn’t always paradise.

With Niuhi sharks,
even out of the water,
you’re not safe.

Everything you thought you knew
about Zader is a  lie.