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2_2_wide_webLEHUA PARKER is the award-winning author of the MG/YA Pacific literature magic realism series, The Niuhi Shark Saga: One Boy, No Water; One Shark, No Swim; and One Truth, No Lie.

Originally from Hawaii and a graduate of The Kamehameha Schools, Lehua is an author, educator, and public speaker. Trained in literary criticism and an advocate of indigenous cultural narratives, Lehua is a frequent speaker at conferences and symposiums.

Now living in exile in the high desert mountains of Utah, during snowy winters she dreams about the beach.

Lehua is a pen name for Michelle C. Parker, a mediated message design and research professional. As Michelle she works as an editor, book consultant, and literary critic. In addition to her Lehua writings, she also publishes speculative fiction, short stories, personal essays, plays, and poetry.


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Niuhi Shark Saga:

Facebook: Lehua Parker, Author

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Twitter: @LehuaParker


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  • Aloha e–Lehua–
    Mahalo for such a sensitive review. Your explanation of the way in which Hawaiian History teachers rush to the arrival of the missionaries and ignoring the jarring political implications for the ali’i and the even more tumultuous culture shock to the commoners, is exactly why I wrote Lehua.
    It is an era ignored, and one difficult to do research in–perhaps to good reasons so little is known of it.
    The searing issues come to the surface in volume two of Lehua’s life story. The avalanche of external influence begins its shift down hill, down century toward eventual cultural destruction and American annexation.
    Malama pono.
    Gene J. Parola

  • Aloha Mom!! Great job on the website! Keep up the great work!!!!

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