Like One Fish Out of Water


Set in modern Hawaii, the Niuhi Shark Saga is a five book middle grade/young adult series about Alexander Kaonakai Westin–Zader to his friends–and his ‘ohana. Told in standard American English, but sprinkled with Hawaiian Pidgin English and Hawaiian in the dialogue, the series paints a vibrant picture of island life where legend and tradition are as much a part of life as eating and drinking.

Found abandoned on a reef as a newborn and adopted by the Westin family, Zader faces many physical challenges and adventures growing up in Hawaii. Through the series as he matures and begins to adapt to his physical challenges in ways that make it easier to live a normal life, Zader’s world begins to turn upside down as his adopted and biological families and traditions collide—he will not only have to come to terms with who he is, but what he is as he ultimately defines who is family, what family is owed, and how he will live his life.

The Niuhi Shark Saga is published by Jolly Fish Press. Books are available in hardback, trade paperback, and eBook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other national and international book stores.

OBNW_Cover_blog_sizeBook 1: One Boy, No Water publication date September 2012

Book 2: One Shark, No Swim publication date August 2013

Book 3: One Fight, No Fist (working title) publication date 2014

Book 4: One Dance, No Drum (working title) publication date TBD

Book 5: One Truth, No Lie (working title) publication date TBD

OSNS_cover_200_dpi_blogTo go to the Niuhi Shark Saga Website and see series extras like classroom activities and reader’s guides click here.

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the Niuhi Shark Website.
One Boy, No Water
Zader's living like a fish out of water.
One Shark, No Swim
Because even out of the water Zader's not safe.
Uncle Kahana and Ilima find Zader abandoned on the reef at Piko Point as a baby.