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There is a ton of stuff here. No worries–most of it is just for additional reference. For the workshop, you’ll need to be a little familiar with Snow White, Maui Snaring the Sun, and the idea that stories have patterns. If you’re feeling comfortable with those topics, no need to read further. However, if you’d like to brush up, checkout the links under For the Workshop. If you’re curious and want to know more, there’s choke links under Other Resources. I should add that I do NOT have the rights to most of what’s linked. This is just for FYI.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at Lehua(at)

For the Workshop

Snow White Summary and Analysis
Disney’s Snow White Summary
Why Maui Snared the Sun Video (20:10) Hawaiian Version
Hero’s Journey Infographic
Hero’s Journey Movie Comparison Infographic
Hero’s Journey Character Archtype Infographic
Story Circle Infographic

Other Resources

Shapes of Stories

Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories Short Video (4:36)
Kurt Vonnegut Shapes of Stories Long Video (17:36)
Kurt Vonnegut Shapes of Stories Graphs

Story Structure

Hero’s Journey Explained with Examples
Another Hero’s Journey Explanation

Every Story is the Same Video (15.12) Dan Harmon’s Story Circle
Dan Harmon’s Story Circle Article

Dan Well’s 7 Point Story Structure
Dan Wells’ Star Wars Inner/Outer Stuture Infographic
Dan Well’s 7 Point Harry Potter / Tell Tale Heart Infographic

John Truby’s Anatomy of Story (Outline of his book)

Infographic–Comparisons of Story Stuctures #1
Infographic–Comparisons of Story Structures #2
Infographic–Comparisons of Story Structures #3

7 Story Structures Explained

Genres & Beat Sheets

Save the Cat! Genres
Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Examples
Story Grid Five Leaf Clover
Story Grid Genres of Writing

Studio C YouTube Sketches About Story Structure (Hilarious)

Teddy’s Story Joint: Every great story comes from Teddy’s (4:43)
Lord of the Potter: Harry meets Gandalf (5:24)
Disney Plans Hero’s Death: The mentor character
Once Upon A Time: Top Fairy Tale Videos Compilation (51:11)

Maui & the Sun Legends

Why Maui Snared the Sun Video (20:10) Hawaii Version
How Maui Slowed the Sun Video (5:08) Maori Version
Maui Snaring the Sun Article Pan-Pacific

Snow White

Snow White Disney Tropes
Snow White Literary Tropes
Snow White Archetype & Variations
Evil Queen Archetype
Seven Dwarves Archetype
Neil Gaiman’s Snow, Glass, Apples
Chelsea Shewan’s An Apple A Day

Other Fairy Tale Retellings (Short Stories)

Cinderella: Stepsister by Mari Ness 

Podcasts, Websites, Groups

Writing Excuses Podcast
Story Grid
TV Tropes  (Searchable database that breaks down tropes from all media forms)
Save the Cat!
20Booksto50K : non-profit, highly helpful Facebook group–join, then check out their best practices database

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