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9/13/2013 Interview on The Pen Muse

09/16/2013 Interview by Adrienne Monson

09/17/2013 Review by Christine Haggerty

09/20/2013 Guest Post on Erindipity: When Pidgin Doesn’t Fly

09/21/2013 Guest Post on Matt Carter: Sequel Challenges

09/24/2013 Interview by Ann Marie Meyers

09/25/2013 Book Feature by Elsie Park

09/26/2013 Interview by Johnny Worthen at the Blog Mansion

09/26/2013 Book Review by Angela Hartley

09/27/2013 Book Review by Liesel Hill

09/27/2013 Interview on Jenniffer Wardell

09/28/2013 Guest Post on Fiona Carter: Chef’s Table vs. Creperie

09/29/2013 Guest Post on Brenda Corey Dunne: 5 Tips for Mom Writers

09/30/2013 Interview by Janet Kay Jensen

09/30/2013 Guest Post on Teri Harman: 5 Can’t Miss Books for Reluctant Boy Readers

10/01/2013 Guest Post on The Brothers Washburn: Niuhi Shark Saga & Hawaiian Legends

10/03/2013 Guest Post on Jennifer Griffith: 4 Hawaiian Myth-understandings

10/03/2013 Interview on From the Mixed Up Files

10/07/2013 Guest Post on Amie Borst: NSS Origins & Writing for Middle Grade

10/07/2013 Interview by Gail Baugniet

10/15/2013 Guest Post on Eric Bishop: Writing the Sequel







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