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You ever miss the forests for the trees? I’ve been so busy writing and doing all the the things that I haven’t mentioned where my newest short stories are being published! Here’s what’s recent and upcoming

Short Story Collection

Sharks in an Inland Sea: Collected Speculative Fiction by Lehua Parker, published by Hemelein Publications, available June 2022

Short Stories

“This Once was a Sea” in Dead Stars and Stone Arches, published by Timber Ghost Press, Fall 2022

“Nightwalker” in Out of Time, published by Timber Ghost Press, Fall 2022

“Tourists” in An Ocean of Wonder: the Fantastic in the Pacific, published by University of Hawaii Press, Summer 2022

“Infestation” in Snaring the Sun, Bamboo Ridge, Journal of Hawai’i Literature and Arts #122, Summer 2022

“Brothers” in Va: Stories by Women of the Moana, published by Tatou Publishing, New Zealand, January 2022

“Nana’ue” in Va: Stories by Women of the Moana, Published by Tatou Publishing, New Zealand, January 2022

“Close Encounters” in Va: Stories by Women of the Moana, Published by Tatou Publishing, New Zealand, January 2022

“Tatau” in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Winter 2021 (link)

“Persona Non Grata” in Wasatch Witches, published by Fear Knocks Press, March 2021

“Gamble” in Grifty Shades of Fey, published by Fiction Vortex Press, 2020


Author Roundtable, The Routledge Companion to Gender and Science Fiction, Summer 2022

“Scrubbing Jesus’ Toilets” in Mormon Lit Blitz Vol. 2, Summer 2022

“9 Pacific Islander Authors Share Their Favorite Books for Children and Adults,” Apartment Therapy, May 2021 (link)


“Akela in the Park” performed by The Honolulu Theatre for Youth, Honolulu and web-streamed, June 2021

Works in Progress

Under the Bed, Book 1 of Lauele Chicken Skin Stories for MG/YA readers

Husk, a futuristic Hawaiians in Space Novel for adults

Plus two top secret projects, lots of book editing projects, and new writing workshops for kids and adults. And laundry. It never ends.

Front Cover-Old Scratch

I wrote a gritty short story called Red. It’s published in a collection of western horror by Griffin Publishers and available as a trade paperback and eBook through Amazon and other retailers. It’s not for the faint of heart–my son refused to read past the opening paragraphs because–well, he’s a gentle soul and at first this story is shocking and raw, but there’s a pay-off that puts the whole thing in a different light. I’ll be signing copies in February at LTUE and advanced copies will be available in January at FanX in Salt Lake City, UT.

From the back of the book:

The West has always been a symbol of the wild frontier, rugged adventure, and dangerous exploration. However, if it wasn’t for fear of the unknown, the West would just be another cardinal direction. Old Scratch and Owl Hoots delves into that fear and captures it in fourteen tales of terror set in the West ranging from the 1800s to the present day. Take a gander inside and you’ll find stories dealing with… …a strange creature on Antelope Island that can never satisfy its hunger… …a young girl kidnapped by highwaymen; but she carries a dangerous secret… …a woman’s vacation to Zion National Park that takes a dark turn when she can’t stop hearing the cries of a newborn baby… …an outlaw on the run from Porter Rockwell who finds more than he bargains for in the Utah wilderness… …a war veteran who carries a darkness inside him that threatens his very own family. Experience these stories and more in Old Scratch and Owl Hoots. All the stories in the anthology are written by authors with Utah connections. Some are veterans at the craft, while others are making their debut. Cozy up next to a campfire and delve into these fourteen stories and find out why it’s dangerous to be out and about in the West when the sun goes down.

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