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valentine’s day

fallsHappy Valentine’s Day! In keeping with my tradition, here are five more ways my husband says I love you.

1)  Just letting you know I’m taking the kids to school since they missed the bus.

2)  I’m driving through town on my way home. Need anything from the store?

3)  I washed a load of whites.

4)  Those clothes are looking really baggy on you.

5)  Let me carry all those new books out to the car.

How ‘bout your significant other? How does the person you love tell you you’re loved?

2012 Valentine Post

  1. I already did the dishes.
  2. Frizzy? When you say frizzy I think Bozo the Clown. That’s not frizzy at all.
  3. What? That little thing? It’s so small I don’t think anyone noticed.
  4. A Lifetime movie? Sure, I’ll watch the game later.
  5. Wow, your toes are cold! Don’t go higher than my knees.
  6. I hung your laundry in the closet.
  7. I like it a little burnt.
  8. I’ll get up with the kids.
  9. I put new tires on your car.
  10. I saved the last one for you.

How does your significant someone say I love you? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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